It's just our place online

What exactly is is a Multi-Network Platform based on location ---> our place

Network: --> One of many - see multi
Multi:,, etc etc.


In each Network (place) there can be Groups

Groups: People who want to do something together!
Groups can be public, private or hidden
Public Groups can have their own Blog

Example Groups: Asthma, Ballynagran Energy+Plus, Community Park, Zebra Crossing
Example Blogs: Ballynagran Energy+Plus

That's about it!
Really!  That's all it is - our place online

People, Groups & Doing

Our Past, Our Future,

Our Hopes, Our Dreams,

Our Grief, Our Joy,

Our Groups, Our Plans,

Our Work, Our Play,

Yes, sometimes it is about me,

But more often it is :-

about us, about ours, about we
Kinda more about Us, Ours and We and not so much about Me

People, Groups and Doing


The web has transformed connectivity in hugely positive ways.


This site is mainly about enabling real connections & collaboration with people in our place that you are very likely to meet.


Whether you are interested in art or abseiling, playschools or plumbers, retrofiting or roundabouts, asthma or alzeimhers, this site will help you to meet people with similar interests and concerns


It should provide you with a platform to organize and to get attention for those interests or concerns.


Why Join?


Want to start or stop something in our place?


Find or find out something?


Want to know or tell us what's on?


Want to join or start a Group?


Want to get a job or hire somebody?


Join or Set-up a local branch of...?


Want help to achieve your goals?


It takes about 30 seconds to Join


Who better to bring us into the future?

Transition Year Module??


Potential Multi-disciplinary ICT Project


Not just for those interested in tech


What makes a Place? - Its People and their Values and Dreams, Culture, History, Archaeology, Heritage, Biology, Botany, Voluntary, Drama, Film, Photography, Journalism, Business, Environment ?


Deals with both core and applied tech


Open-Source Software ecosystem is expanding rapidly. The integration and cross-fertilization of new ideas over hundreds of different locations would feed on itself.
Eventually, could be self-financing and more!
How Can This Be Funded ?

There is a facility for Directories.

A Voluntary Directory, Business Directory, Ads Directory and a Jobs Directory.

Eventually, over a number of years, there could be a 21st Century equivalent of the GAA (Blue) Phone Book for every area which would be aggregated nationally as well as a version of the Wicklow Community Directory for every area aggregated nationally and with moderated reviews.


Each network could be assembled and moderated by local schools (transition year pupils). If revenue is eventually generated and is in excess of expenses the surplus could be shared with the schools.

For initial funding possible sources include Eu InterReg, Leader, Wicklow County Enterprise Board, Enterprise Ireland, Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, Ashoka, Irish Research Council and on the commercial front  Automattic, the overall founders/mentors of all things WordPress, BuddyPress and bbPress, may be supportive.
Achieve more in a Group - A Lot More     -     Click to Join Your Community

Connected Communities

Current social network emphasis can be overly concentrated on me, mine, more of me and me again and me of course and then there is me and not forgetting me on holiday.

There may be lots of situations  where self interest is bound up with and can be more effectively accommodated and promoted alongside the interests of other people.

A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

Well, what about starting in our place ?

This is an effort to harness the very best of tech to allow people to do great things together.


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